Podcast Episode on the Gospel Topic Essay: Becoming Like God

This is the next in our podcast episode discussions my friends Bill Reel and Allan Mount regarding how we each experienced the Church History Gospel Topics Essays.

Episode 4 is a review of the Essay titled:  Becoming Like God

The “Becoming Like God” Essay has the potential to really affect readers/listeners differently–depending upon their own individual lived experiences, perceptions of divinity and their relationships with divinity, gender, sexual orientation, family and/or marital status, etc.

This Essay, in addition to feedback from our listeners has contributed to Bill, Allan and my decision to restructure future episodes in this series to include others’ lived experiences with the Essay topics.

I think you are really going to like our future direction.

Here is a link to the Mormon Discussion Podcast page with links to the audio and supporting cites and resources:

Mormon Discussion Podcast, Gospel Topic Essay: 004: Becoming Like God

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