Across the Aisle: Communicating Through Differences in Faith and Belief, 2019 SLC Sunstone Symposium

I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to co-present with Nick Stewart and Matt Harward this last summer.

Matt Harward is active in the Church.  He served a mission, attended BYU, and married in the Temple.  He has served as a Bishop and as a Stake High Councilor.  Matt has four children–the oldest and the second are both out of the Church.  Matt finds himself in a mixed-faith marriage, with a wife who has left the Church, while they are raising their youngest two children in the Church.

Nicholas Stewart has a masters degree in urban planning from San Jose State.  He grew up in the Church, got married in the Los Angeles Temple, and served in four Elders Quorum Presidencies.  He is no longer an active believing member of the Church.

Here is the audio:

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