Southern Utah Post-Mormon Support Group Presentation on October 10, 2021

For those who might be in the St. George, Utah, area on the afternoon of Sunday, October 10th, I’ll be presenting at the Southern Utah Post-Mormon Support Group on the topic of Thriving and Building Community after a Mormon Faith Crisis.Edit: Link to Presentation on YouTube

Replacing Mormonism…with what?

A friend who finds herself in the midst of a painful faith transition recently asked: I’m interested to know your path past Mormonism. What have you replaced it with? Do you lean towards another religion? Do you see yourself as member of another faith or congregation? I feel untethered, this is the first time I’ve … Continue reading Replacing Mormonism…with what?

2-Part Interview with Mormon Stories to share my 2019 Thrive Conference presentation: Growing Beyond Grief, Loss, and Betrayal

In June 2019, I had the opportunity to present a breakout session about navigating and growing beyond grief at the Thrive Conference. Mormon Stories asked me to share my presentation in this 2 part interview: